Unique Ways to Propose?

Posted by Clive Billing 24/05/2018 0 Comment(s)

The Greatest Unique Ways to Propose

It’s something you will remember for the rest of your life and, hopefully, you will only do it once so you want to get it right. Here are some genuine unique ways to propose.


Be Creative?

Using all your creative ability and a network of friends can lead to many unique ways to propose.

How about making a movie trailer and playing it in the Cinema in front of the whole audience, and your girlfriend? Easy enough if you can make movies and know the projection guy. Perhaps consider the film choice though. Saw 3 may not set the tone as well as the latest rom com.

Street Art her! “will you marry me” in graffiti on the subway wall or some sand writing at her favourite beach.


Choreographed flash mob. This is great. Set up a street scene with hundreds of people and then propose to her favourite tune.

Get Zach Braff to record a YouTube. It can be any celebrity but one guy got Zach to do the video. Nice!

Hire a hot air balloon, get some champagne and look down on your creation on the beach, at the park. Nothing says “I love you” better than 300 people arranged 600m down.


Low Cost

Not everyone can afford a huge cast. There are low cost but unique ways to propose.

Work out the next book she is going to read, remove the inside pages and place the ring in the book. Don’t forget to buy a new book though.

Inside a fortune cookie at her favourite Chinese restaurant. Just make sure the right person gets the cookie.

Ikea. Get the local Ikea to set up a dining table with candles and all the trimmings.

The Kinder Surprise. Carefully open up a Kinder egg, put the ring inside. Watch she doesn’t eat it though.


Plainly insane

Then there’s the adrenalin fuelled unique ways to propose.

Bungee proposals, or sky diving? How about at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro?

The autocross track driver who proposed during the race when his girlfriend was co-driver?

Scuba diving, zip wiring even on the trampoline. It’s all been done.



Some Celebrity inspiration

Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton in a log cabin in Kenya, having lugged the ring around the jungle for 3 weeks.

Avril Lavigne was storyboarding her work in the studio and setting up a photo album only to find a picture of boyfriend, Chad Kroeger, with a proposal.

Singer Pink proposed to motocross driver Carey Hart using a placard during the race. However he missed it first time round.


The Ring

Perhaps the most significant item is the ring. Unless you are Mariah Carey’s boyfriend, who used a lollypop, the ring is the central focus and you want to get it right. Whether you are a mad celebrity or a creative obsessive speak to the experts at ComparetheDiamond.com (formerly diamondgeezer.com) for details of their range of beautiful engagement rings. Guaranteed to impress your loved one whether you are up a mountain, in a fast food joint, in the jungle or at a race track.