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Unlike our competitors, we do not work from mass produced mounts, we master every piece, we 3D print each piece to the precise dimensions of the diamonds and coloured gem stones selected and used. Our products are on average 25% heavier than the mass produced items sold by others. The difference in quality and balance achieved is remarkable, however please don't take our word for it

About Us

Very much a family affair

Over 50 years in diamonds, this father and son business historically served the trade, supplying diamonds and diamond jewellery to the very best jewellery manufacturers and retailers, in the UK, Australia, the States and Germany. Indeed we still do have a healthy trade business and are open to new trade enquiries.

Our very first website was a business-to-business diamond sourcing website and was launched in 1994, the very day the Internet went WYSWYG. We became consumer facing in 2002 and made our online name as diamondgeezer.com but changed the name to ComparetheDiamond.com when the world lost its sense of irony.

Dragon Slayers? It's true, in 2009 we turned down the highest-ever offer made on the BBC's Dragons' Den at the time. Inevitably those cheeky Dragons, James Caan, Theo Paphitis and Peter Jones wanted too much of our established family business.

Use our skill and contact and we promise you a unique shopping experience, unquestionable value, remarkable product quality and amazing choice. The average diamond passes through 11 pairs of hands from source to consumer, we have reduced that journey down to just 2 to 4 middle men. Masters of CAD and 3D print ComparetheDiamond.com is TrustPilot’s highest rated jeweller

  • Best Jeweller
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You are most welcome to talk to father, Clive or son Luke at any time. Indeed any of the specialist team who are on hand to provide all the help and guidance you need, without obligation.

Simply pick up the phone and dial +44 1451 810595

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A family business


We have been designing and making fine diamond jewellery for over 50 years, procedures and technology have changed but the driving forces remain the same and are based firmly on knowledge, experience, skill and of course the immense talent of our designers. The whole procedure is simple, fast and efficient. Our opposition is quoting weeks to do what we achieve in days. That level of efficiency is achieved through massive experience and intelligent, unique systems and procedures
24 hours
How long does it take?

We aim to have photo realistic images, as per the example above and/or a video of your unique design with you and indeed approved by you within 24 hours.

14 Days

Our aim is to have your designer piece made and completed and on your or their finger, neck, wrist or maybe ears within 14 days of you approving the design.

10 minutes

First we chat, that's via phone, Zoom, WhatsApp or our web site Live Chat, just click the bottom right-hand corner of any of our web pages. You will be talking to one of our design and diamond experts, each with a minimum 20 years’ experience in fine diamond jewellery and they will be working with you, guiding your creation from start to finish.


If you already have design ideas and needs then simply upload or email sketches, images, drawings, photographs and a narrative and let us get started.


If you are not sure what you are looking for, we will instantly create a mood-board with hundreds of ideas to inspire. Swipe right to like, left to dismiss. We will use both likes and dislikes and using this very powerful information we can start design work with a clear direction and have the first photo-realistic images for your feedback with you within hours.


After initial introductions we will explore ideas, needs, timing and budget. Usually at this time we will identify which stone or stones will be the star of the show, not just type and shape, but the actual diamond or coloured stone, because the design will be created to the actual dimensions of the chosen stone to an accuracy of 1/10th of a millimetre.


Once the brief is clear our designers go to work. Many, many hours of dedicated computer-aided design work now follows. They are not merely creating pretty pictures but the actual production model from which we 3D print the production master. We don't charge for the design work, it is our speculative investment in the job and is a demonstration of our skills and an assurance for you that you are indeed working with the right people.


We will create a unique online private, dedicated 'viewing-room' for you, here we will share photo realistic images of your completed design and if required a video of the finished piece. Explore with smart-phone, tablet, laptop or desktop machine.


We will accommodate and action any tweaks or changes you require as the design evolves into you unique and special piece. You will be working with photo-realistic renders of the actual production model which, once approved will be 3D printed to an accuracy of 1/10mm.


Once we have final design approval production will commence. There are 12 processes involved in making your special piece. Fear not we will not disappear into a black hole during the 2 weeks of production, you will be advised of the progress as your design moves around our onsite workshop and joins the queue for the next artisan's skill set.


When completed and passed the final quality control inspection the piece is on its way and will be with you the very next day if you are in the U.K, allow a couple of days if you are outside the U. K.

What if I don't like it?



We are an online business and that comes with many, many advantages for you as a customer. However online shopping is not for everyone and it is important that you are comfortable when making your purchase, interestingly we could not provide our service, the immense selection, the prices or the unique value proposition from a traditional retail premises.

Trust our reviews to assure you that it really does work!

  • Buying Diamonds Online
    Buying diamonds online?

    Buying an important piece online requires a simple change of culture, more we suggest than a huge leap of faith

  • Use your credit card
    Credit cards protect

    Pay with your credit card, you will get all the protection you need and we will have the piece in your hand before you have to part with any money

  • 30 Day Returns
    30 day returns policy

    Think of your card payment as the bond that allows us to send you a piece of significant value on approval for 30 days

  • All about protection
    Even more protection

    It is a fact that the 'distant selling' laws that we, as a pure play etailer are governed by are much stricter than those that are applied to a traditional retailer

  • Buying Jewellery Online
    Buying jewellery online

    The irony is that by buying online, you are actually better protected than you are when making a purchase on the High Street

  • Lab-Grown Diamonds
    We're a people company

    We may never meet but we are all about building relationships and talk to our clients often

  • All about keeping you informed
    Keeping you in the loop

    Our clients become part of the whole process, knowing exactly at what stage their order is at any time

  • Visit us
    The Glorious Cotswolds

    Remember you are most welcome to visit, we do serve great coffee. Phone for an appointment 01451-810595


What if something is wrong?

Think of having a stunning bespoke diamond piece especially created for you like having a hand-made suit or wonderful ball gown made. So if you want a little off the lapel or the length shortening a tad that is not a problem, in fact, it is all part of the service. When they open the box we want them weeping not crying. If they are crying then you got it wrong, pick up the phone, together we can make it right very quickly, very simply.
  • Ring and Jewellery Design
    She/He said no to me

    Not a problem, we simply refund 100% back to you, we have had to do this 3 times in 20 years

  • Ring and Jewellery Design
    She/He Hates It

    Not a problem, we will exchange and if we fail to satisfy you get refunded

  • Ring and Jewellery Design
    Wrong Size

    Not a problem, the first resize is free and it’s a next day service, you simply pay the postage and insurance both ways. We’ll soon have that ring back on his/her finger

  • Ring and Jewellery Design
    Loves the diamond hates the design

    Not a problem, we’ll swap the diamond into the design they love, if they design is more, you pay the difference, if less we refund the difference

  • Ring and Jewellery Design
    Wants a square diamond, I bought round

    Not a problem, we’ll simply exchange it for a diamond that meets his/her needs with a 100% credit against your original purchase. There’s nothing to lose

  • Ring and Jewellery Design
    I bought platinum, they want 18ct. gold

    Not a problem, we’ll remake in the preferred metal, which may mean refund or small balance to make up, depending on which metal is more expensive

  • Ring and Jewellery Design
    Loves It, but not quite right

    Not a problem, that’s a tweak, usually a free next day service, assuming no extra metal or materials required

  • Ring and Jewellery Design
    There’s just no pleasing me

    Not a problem, we will refund inline with the agreed terms Explore detailed returns policy


Lab-Grown Diamonds are disrupting the centuries-old diamond industry. A Lab-Grown Diamond is a real diamond, they have the same chemical, physical and visual properties as traditionally mined diamonds, but with a green foot-print. That said lab-grown diamonds are not for everyone and we still have 321,963 certificated mined diamonds listed and ready to explore.
What are lab-grown diamonds?
Isn’t a lab-grown diamond just a fake diamond?
Can you tell the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a mined diamond?
Do lab-grown diamonds sparkle?
Is it more ethical to buy lab-made diamonds?
Are lab-grown diamonds less money than mined diamonds?
Do lab-grown diamonds have a resale value?

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