The Best Ways to Propose

Posted by Harry Wragg 04/10/2019 0 Comment(s)

The Best Ways to Propose

The moment when you propose is a pretty daunting one for any young lover, no matter how secure you are in love, no matter how confident you that your intended will say yes, there’s still a heap of nerves attached to the moment when you actually pop the question. After all, this is something you only get the chance to do one. However this plays out, that’s the story you’re going to have to tell your kids in years to come (with possibly a few minor modifications). So, what are the best venues for presenting your beloved with that diamond ring?


It’s a classic, but not without its risks. The advantages are there’s plenty of room for stage management. You can have the ring presented in a wine glass, or have the band play your favourite song as you pop the question, the options are endless.

However, with those opportunities come potential downsides- mainly all the other diners. Sure, it might be a great romantic moment with the crowd cheering, or they might just be mildly annoyed that you’re interrupting their dinner. Either way, you’ll need to be sure that you and your intended are both okay with being at the centre of attention for the whole restaurant. A slightly less public place might be the way forward.

In the Glory of Nature

Get out into the countryside, or find a nice park, either way, the outdoors can be a great place to get down on one knee, providing you don’t mind getting one knee a bit mucky. Either find a nice, sunny day and propose while the birds are singing, or even better, go out on a clear starlit night. Find a spot with a great view, and you’ve got the perfect backdrop to the big moment.

The downside, of course, is that you’re at the mercy of the elements here. Sure, the odds are pretty slim that it’ll start raining the very moment you pop the question. But that’ll only make it look like a terrible omen if it does.

Alternatively, there are loads of movies that have romantic running-through-the-rain scenes, so maybe it will work out, so long as you have somewhere warm and dry to run to.

Write the Question Down and Wait

There are numerous ways you can do this. Write it in fridge magnet letters. Take out a full page ad in the local paper. Write it in weed killer on your intended’s front lawn (this one may not be such a great idea). This is a great technique if you’re worried nerves will get to you and you’ll fluff your line, because you don’t have to say anything. Just write it down and wait for your partner to read the question, then watch their face light up as they realise what’s happened.

Of course, the potential down side here is that you run the risk that your partner will miss the proposal entirely, either not seeing it, or casting their eyes over it without reading it. Then you’ll have the awkward moment where you have to point it out to them, and that’s just… it’s not quite as stylish as you were hoping to come off.

Social Media

It’s the twenty first century! Age of the Internet! Why not give your proposal a modern twist and pop the question on their Facebook page, or over Twitter?

Because it would make you a terrible person. Seriously. Don’t do this.