Top Foodie Marriage Proposal Ideas - Hiding that Engagement Ring

15/07/2017 0 Comment(s)

Top Foodie Marriage Proposal Ideas - Hiding that Engagement Ring

If you’re a food lover or your significant other is the one with the love all things edible then it’s a great idea to make your marriage proposal a foodie event. More than that you can even use food as an alternative and exciting way to present the lucky lady with her engagement ring. Here are our top foodie ways of proposing to that special someone.


1. It’s all in the Icing

Perhaps you’ve got an anniversary coming up and that’s definitely an occasion for cake. Whether you bake it yourself or have it made for you can request that your carefully chosen diamond ring is placed in pride of place on top of the icing. Your lady will surely be unable to resist.


2. Ice, Ice Baby

Another fun option is to freeze the engagement ring inside an ice cube and pop it into your lucky lady’s chosen tipple one evening. It’s both cheeky and casual and you’ll just have to keep an eye on her as she drinks (we don’t want any trips to hospital). Once she notices something in her glass it’s time to get down on one knee.


3. Favourite Haunt

Take your lucky girl for a special meal at your favourite restaurant and have your proposal printed on a slip of paper which you have the waiter slide into her menu. As she opens it up it’s time to get down on one knee and present her with her sparkling engagement ring.


4. Fortune Forever

This will take a little bit of work but it’s certainly possible. Using tweezers you can fish out the standard fortunes from the cookies and instead place in your handwritten proposal message. You can be sure she?ll be shocked, surprised and just waiting for you to present her with her special ring.


5. Chocoholic’s Delight

Our final suggestion is one that all chocoholics will go for. You don’t need a special occasion to spoil her with chocolates so get a box of her favourites and you’ve completed stage one. Stage two is to carefully remove one of the chocolates (not her favourite!) and put the sparkling diamond ring in its place. With chocolate and diamonds in a single gift – what girl could say no?

If you’re hoping to marry a food lover then one of these proposal ideas could be exactly the way to win their heart. It’ll be a memory you can keep forever and her ring will serve as a lasting reminder of the special moment she said yes.