Diamond Engagement Rings


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Diamond Engagement Rings

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Our experts will design and make your diamond engagement ring to your exact specifications. Sitting in the beautiful Cotswolds our state-of-the-art workshop is home to a group of highly skilful craftsmen. ComparetheDiamond.com produce bespoke rings by blending traditional skills with modern technology. Our in house design team use the very latest CAD-CAM technology to create stunning designs, we then 3D print each master to the precise measurements of you selected diamond or diamonds which results in a mount perfectly crafted for your diamond. The difference in quality achieved is remarkable. Buy British. Buy your engagement ring from us, or bring us your own diamond, the choice is yours. We will work with you to create your dream ring. The result is a beautiful, technically flawless and unique, diamond ring. Made exactly as you pictured it. Need some help in deciding which ring is best for you? Have any questions? Our diamond experts are always here to help. Call 01451 810595 and speak to one of our friendly team.