Designer Rings from (formerly

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Designer Rings from (formerly (formerly have spent years designing a unique collection of designer rings that will never fail to impress. Designer rings are a style of ring that is designed to stand out from all the rest using different finishes such as a satin finish or a frosted finish or a ring dressed in diamonds with unique detailing. A designer ring can be anything from a wedding ring to an eternity ring, they’re all designer rings in their own way! (formerly can also help you to design & create your own designer ring by using all of your own ideas & turning them into a beautiful piece of jewellery unique to any other.

Designer rings are available in 18ct white, yellow & rose gold, platinum & palladium with platinum being the rarest & most precious metal to wear to make your designer ring even more special.

If you would like (formerly to make your designer ring then call 01451 810595