Perfect Engagement Ring: How to buy one?

Posted by Luke Billing 09/05/2019 0 Comment(s)

Perfect Engagement Ring: How to buy one?

Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

Buying the perfect Engagement Ring is certainly not an easy and why should it be? It needs to be extremely well thought out and given outstanding consideration as it should be on show for very many years and you need true value for money.


So, how much should you spend on that perfect Engagement Ring?

There is much speculation on how much to spend on a Diamond Engagement Ring anything from a definitive, ‘a quarter of a year’s salary’ to simply, ‘what you can afford’. The key is to set yourself a budget for the engagement ring and to stick to it, especially if you are in a position to discuss it with your partner, you can set the budget together and make absolutely sure. If you are planning the proposal as a surprise, that is a little more tricky admittedly, however, you are best advised to still stay with a budget which you set yourself, but remember when you set that budget guys, that what you spend on your lady will result in her perception of ‘what you think she is worth’ to you, so you need to be seen to be generous whilst at the same time ensuring that you get maximum ‘bling for your buck’.

Your best way of ensuring proper value for money is by realising the huge savings you can achieve by using an advanced on-line diamond engagement ring designer and manufacturer like (formerly We often use the term ‘reassuringly expensive’ when referring to diamond jewellery, especially diamond engagement rings and this is not at all intended to be flippant, it is more about the fact that diamonds don’t come cheap and if they do, they probably aint diamonds! The misnomer that buying on-line is somehow less romantic should be put to bed once and for all, with (formerly's service you get a very clear understanding of what your perfect Diamond Engagement Ring will deliver, don't just take our word for it, just look through some of the many testimonials we receive - every day! Sparkling, like our Diamonds, all of which are Certified!

What should you look for in that perfect Engagement Ring?

Research is key to getting it right first time and will protect your value. You should know something about the stone(s) you will be buying and for Diamonds there are famously, the ‘4 C’s’; the Cut which determines the symmetry and dimensions of the Diamond; the Clarity which refers to how perfectly the diamond has been formed in nature, the Colour which refers to the official grading of the Diamond; the Carat, although we at (formerly prefer the 5 C’s, with the addition of Certification, which refers to those which have been assessed, coded and graded by laser by an officially independent gemmological laboratory. (formerly therefore provides a unique shopping experience, possibly the most informed way to buy a certificated diamond. We are jewellery designers and manufacturers and loose diamond brokers with our own award winning workshop, making (formerly a self-contained competitive arena, providing you with the very best way to buy your perfect diamond engagement ring.