Getting engaged: What do you Need to Know?

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Getting engaged: What do you Need to Know?

What to Think About When Getting Engaged

Okay, the thunderbolt strikes, you’ve heard the violins, you’ve fallen in love. No need for second thoughts, this is the one with whom you want to spend the rest of your life so you are getting engaged. Better still, you’ve chosen the romantic venue and planned the proposal in fine detail. Perhaps a table at your favourite restaurant or the one that you first went to, well maybe not Burger King, as good as it may be, but one where you possibly know the Maitre d’ and they’re in on the gig, so the Diamond Engagement Ring arrives already in your soon to be fiance’s ‘complimentary’ glass of champers. You sink to one knee for the ultimate gesture, looking good eh? But hang on. That Engagement Ring which has set you back an upper and lower appendage, to signify your undying love and affection, the one your partner should cherish forever, will they like it, will it fit, are the stones large enough?

Find out before getting engaged! When getting engaged to obviate any lasting disappointment you should have established some very basic facts. Some smart questioning on preferences whilst talking in general some time before the glorious day or presumably you know your partner's family and/or friends, so with some intelligent planning you should be easily able to determine your loved one's ring size and reaffirm whether they have a preference for just Diamonds, a Solitaire Diamond perhaps, or a ring with other precious stones, if so, which ones? Emeralds, Rubies, Blue, Pink or Yellow Sapphires, Amethysts, Blue Topaz, Chocolate Quartz, Golden Citrine, Tanzanite etc. You may need to rely on some subterfuge of your own like raiding the jewellery box to find a ring worn on the appropriate finger, which you may be able to match with one of your own fingers for instance, even part way down noting where it stops, or take an impression of the ring and you can always get a free ring sizer from (formerly to work out the size for the Diamond Engagement Ring.

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So, how much to spend on that Diamond Engagement Ring?

Diamond jewellery, especially when featured in Diamond Engagement Rings should always be reassuringly expensive to ensure it’s quality! What should you spend? It is massively important to get this just right; not too massive so as to appear perhaps ostentatious but definitely not too tiny so as to appear to be a cheapskate. Too large is invariably better than too small, but basically if you really know your partner, you should have a feel for the right level of expenditure for that special statement of your intention.

What now?

Well, now you are in a position to select your supplier, designer or manufacturer. better still benefit from ALL three by buying directly on-line at (formerly and save significantly against the High Street whilst being able to design your own special ring and have it manufactured and delivered by (formerly in under 10 days!Diamond Engagement Rings from (formerly