1.67cts. Halo Cluster Earrings Diamond Ring in Platinum
Design ID : 20-01150
Style: Halo Cluster Earrings
Certificated Lab-Grown Diamond: 1.00cts.
Diamond Shape: Round Brilliant
Plus Small Diamonds: 0.67cts.
Diamond Colour: G
Diamond Clarity: VS1
Metal: Hallmarked Platinum
Metal Finish: Mirror Bright Polish
Finger Size: Any finger size, your finger size
Free Sizing: Yes, Next day service
Return if not delighted: 30 Days
Presentation: Stunning

Certificated Lab-Grown Diamond
1.67cts. Halo Cluster Lab-Grown Diamond Earrings in Platinum
    • Mined Diamond Price
    • £9,479
    • Lab-grown Diamond £4,207 inc. VAT
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    A Lab-Grown Diamond is a real diamond, they have the same chemical, physical and visual properties as Traditionally Mined Diamonds. There is no visual difference in Lab-Grown Diamonds and Traditionally Mined Diamonds. They sparkle the same, have the same hardness, have the same types of colour and clarity, and can come in the same sizes and shapes. However typically Lab-Grown Diamonds are Type 2a diamonds have no measurable nitrogen impurities. Type 2a diamonds make up 1–2% of all natural diamonds and demand a 25% premium. Type 2a diamonds are almost or entirely devoid of nitrogen impurities a Type 2a diamond of a given colour, clarity and make will out sparkle a non Type 2a stone with the same colour, clarity and make. There are 282 productive diamond mines in the world, the top 10 have an estimated 1.92 billion carats of diamond yet to be mined - for each carat of diamonds they mine, they will destroy 2.5 ton of rock.

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