Platinum Round Diamond Pendant Diamond

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Certificated Round Brilliant-Cut Diamond Pendant & Chain in Hallmarked Platinum

Style: Classic Rub-over
Stone Type: Diamond - your choice of lab-grown diamond or mined diamond
Diamond Shape: Round Brilliant-Cut
Diamond Specifications: Chose your diamond from the 496,353 listed on today
Certificated Diamond: Absolutely - you decide, mined diamond or lab-grown diamond
Setting Style: Rub-Over, also known as Bezel-Set
Metal: Hallmarked Platinum
Metal Finish: High Polish
Top Fitting: Known as Bunny-Ears
Chain Type: Finest Hallmarked Platinum British Made, 1.2mm Diamond-cut Trace Chain
Chain Length: 18 inches/45cm. Call 01451-810595 for alternative options
Clasp Type: Classic Bolt Ring
Presentation: Anonymous outer packaging contains a stunning presentation box

Why ours is better: We individually master the pendant to the precise dimensions of the selected diamond, the master is 3D printed and the piece is hand mounted, hand-set and hand-finish by our master craftsmen right here on the premises. Only after it has passed our stringent quality control, can it be beautifully presented and then start its overnight journey to you.

Returns: Highly delighted is how we expect customers to be, so if an item does not tick all the boxes then we will, tweak, exchange and if we fail you, you get your money back
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Certificated By : IGI LG
Diamond ID : 74701896
Sparkle Factor : 88 %
Weight : 0.40cts.
Measurements : 4.73 x 4.74 x 2.92 mm
Colour : F - Colourless
Clarity : SI1 - Slight Marks
Cut : Ideal
Symmetry : Excellent
Polish : Excellent
Fluorescence : None
Diamond Certificate


The diamond video allows you to see the typical natural imperfections, 'nature's fingerprints', that you can expect in a diamond of this clarity. You will see much more examing the video than and untrained eye would ever see through a jeweller's loupe and it will help you make a considered, informed purchase with confidence. SI diamonds (Slightly Included) have noticeable inclusions that are easy for a trained diamond grader to see when viewed under 10x magnification. Si clarity is known in the industry as 'Eye-Clean' which suggests that you can't see the marks with the naked-eye.

Sparkle Factor 88%
This stone is very high quality and that quality converts directly to sparkle, life and energy.
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