Certificated Cushion-Cut Diamond in Platinum Diamond

-33% Certificated Cushion-Cut Diamond in Platinum

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Hallmarked Platinum (950) Halo Cluster Engagement Ring
Design ID : 05-0100-8903
Style: Halo Cluster Ring
Certificated Diamond: Choose from the 317,934 listed on the site today
Diamond Shape: Cushion-Cut Diamond
Setting Style: Rub-Over and Pavé
Metal: Hallmarked Platinum (950)
Metal Finish: Mirror Bright Polish
Finger Size: Any finger size, your finger size
Free Sizing: Yes, Next day service
Return if not delighted: 30 Days
Presentation: Stunning

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6.51 x 5.00 x 3.18 mm
J - Slightly Tinted
Very Good
VS1 - V.Slight Marks

KNOW YOUR DIAMOND Diamond ID: 392199661

The diamond image shows you the typical natural imperfections, 'nature's fingerprints', that you can expect in a diamond of this clarity. We've circled them in red so that you can see them and make a considered, informed purchase with confidence. VS diamonds (Very Slightly Included) have minor inclusions that are tricky for a trained diamond grader to see when viewed under 10x magnification. Typically the inclusions in VS diamonds are not visible without magnification.

Sparkle Factor 68%
A high quality stone, the right combination of colour, cut and clarity gives the desired results.
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