SPECIAL 0.66cts. 18ct. Yellow Gold Diamond Earstuds

SPECIAL 0.66cts. 18ct. Yellow Gold Diamond Earstuds     

SPECIAL OFFER - 0.60cts. Diamond Earrings

Our usual Price £673 SPECIAL OFFER £547 Saving £126

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Design ID: 20-18000-0.66
Style: 4 Claw Stud Earring
Total Diamond Weight: 0.66cts.
Diamond Width: ~4.40mm each
Certificated Diamond: Not at this size
Diamond Shape: Round Brilliant-Cut
Setting Style: 4 Claw-Set, also known as Prong-Set
Metal: Hallmarked 18ct. Yellow Gold [750]
Metal Finish: Mirror Bright Polish
Standard Fittings: Grooved and radial post, push-on scroll backs
Optional Alpha Fitting: Large - 7mm Clip, 1.0mm Post £171

Platinum Alpha Fitting - Extra Security & Comfort
Optional 18ct. Yellow Gold Alpha Fitting
Extra Security & Comfort

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Laboratory-Grown diamonds are REAL diamonds but produced by man and are not to be confused with stimulants like CZ, YAG, Moissanite and paste. lab-grown diamonds are priced according to the four C's, but are up to 40% lower in price than their mined counterparts.

The GREEN eco-friendly argument for lab-grown

Land Excavation
Mined Diamonds - 250 tons of rock destroyed for every carat mined
Lab-Grown Diamonds - no soil movement

Carbon Emissions
Mined Diamonds - high level of air pollution
Lab-Grown Diamonds - low level of air pollution

Water Usage
Mined Diamonds - 1000s of litres of water used
Lab-Grown Diamonds - the use of water is minimal and recycled

Process Of Making
Mined Diamonds - billion years to create Mined Diamonds diamond
Lab-Grown Diamonds - it takes 7-40 days to grow a lab-grown diamond

Mined Diamonds - high level of risk to human life while mining
Lab-Grown Diamonds - low level of risk in lab diamond
Lab-Grown v. Mined watch the video