We now sell LAB GROWN and NATURAL diamonds
If its an engagement ring you are buying then consider how she would feel be proposed to with a man made diamond. A natural diamond’s value will usually increase over time with inflation however diamonds are a product of supply and demand. The larger a diamond the more rare it is and this usually results in a good investment. Traditionally, natural, earth-produced diamonds have been seen as the way to go for engagement rings. Natural diamonds are beautiful, from the earth, and timeless.
Millennials, in particular, are forging the demand for ethically sourced diamonds because they want to know the origin of the diamonds they wear. With an especially green foot print laboratory grown real diamonds meet that need. Lab-Grown diamonds are about 40% more affordable than traditional diamonds, meaning higher grade, bigger diamonds are available to even more people. Lab Grown diamonds are real diamonds and just like natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds are priced according to the four C's
Our recent poll revealed an interesting split in opinion at 45 years of age. Those over 45 preferred natural diamonds