Diamond ID: 3042070919
Origin: diamond from Belgium

Certificated by: IGI LG
Sparkle Factor: 83%
Weight: 0.51cts.
Measurements: 5.13 x 5.15 x 3.21 mm
Colour: G - Very White
Shape: ROUND
Fluorescence: None
Polish: Very Good
Symmetry: Very Good
Clarity: IF - Best a girl can get

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KNOW YOUR DIAMOND Diamond ID: 3042070919

This is an internally flawless or 'IF' diamond and is very special because there are no internal inclusions, nature made it perfect. A very small percentage of diamonds are this perfect and when given as a symbol of love this characteristic is highly regarded. The emotional link between a diamond and a couples union makes the flawless diamond the most revered and sought after. Because of this emotional and symbolic attachment, diamond clarity has the greatest influence on price after carat weight or size. Can there be a more powerful gesture than to present a D-Flawless diamond?

Sparkle Factor 83%
This stone is very high quality and that quality converts directly to sparkle, life and energy.
Lab-grown Diamond 0.51cts ROUND G Colour IF Clarity
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  • £1,659
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