Wedding Ring Profiles: All You Need to Know

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Wedding Ring Profiles

Wedding ring profiles are an element of the marriage process you probably won’t be familiar with. Hopefully you’ll only ever get married once, so finding the right ring is an important life step. In short, it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. Spending a little time finding out about wedding ring profiles and the right type for you is well worth it. After all, you’ll be wearing it every day for the rest of your life. With a huge range of designs in numerous precious metals available at (formerly, we’re sure you’ll find the right one for you, whatever your budget.



Concave Profile

A concave profile wedding ring is one where the edges sit higher on the finger than the middle, this offers the comfort of a traditional court ring, but with a much more modern feel. This design also allows for a good deal of variation, from subtle curves with heavily bevelled edges to more severe designs. These rings are perfect for anyone with an eye towards more contemporary designs. However, this may not be the best of wedding ring profiles if you’re planning to lose weight, as downsizing these rings is not an easy process, and may not be possible with your specific ring.


Court Profile

Court profile rings are the most traditional of all wedding ring profiles, as they are amongst the easiest to produce and look great. These were commonplace in antiquity, as the design can be worked from a simple coil of gold or other metal. This design offers a gentle curve on both the inside and outside, making for a secure, but extremely comfortable fit. Generally, this design of ring comes in three weights, light, middle and heavy. before you buy, it’s worth having a chat with us about what kind of wedding ring profiles might suit you, so give us a call on our freephone number.

Being the most popular design means that you have a wealth of variations on a theme. The classic is a yellow gold court profile ring that sits neatly on the finger and offers classic style. Traditionally, this is the eternal mark of a married man or woman devoted to their spouse. However, at (formerly, you can choose from alternative precious materials such as white gold or platinum.


D-Shape Profile

A D-shape profile offers an interesting look, and one that’s well worth trying out. Sure, it’s one of the more unique wedding ring profiles, but if you’re buying online, remember that (formerly has a 100% money-back guarantee. This means that you can always check that you love your ring before you fully commit to it. A D-shape profile ring offers great comfort and a really subtle, but distinctive look on the finger. Most designs have a much more domed, pronounced style than you might expect. This type of ring goes perfectly with engagement rings of a similar design. They also make for wonderfully delicate curved rings. This makes them a great choice for ladies wanting to keep the glitter of their engagement ring well into their marriage.


Flat Profile

Flat profile wedding rings are a more contemporary style than the more traditional wedding ring profiles. Flat on the outside as well as the inside, these rings offer pure style and a chic look on the finger. Well suited to any kind of finger, the key thing to remember here is weight and fit. The flat inner ring needs to be fitted perfectly, so be sure to measure correctly. Don’t forget that (formerly, as well as offering a full money-back guarantee, will also ship you a free ring sizer, so you can be 100% sure of your size before you buy. Flat-profile rings can also be bevelled, producing a subtler look on the finger. However, there is a distinct class about the purity of this kind of ring. They also suit subtle gemstone fittings and designs very well, as well as offering the perfect surface for inscriptions.


Flat-Court Profile

The flat-court profile ring is flat on the outside, and curved in the middle, offering both incredible comfort and real class. This type of ring, as with the standard flat-profile, is generally preferred by men, although that doesn’t mean that women can’t make flatter wedding ring profiles look magnificent as well. One potential issue with this type of ring is that while not impossible to resize, the process of making it smaller often requires a little extra work. However, this is only worth considering if you plan to be gaining or losing a lot of weight, as the fit is very forgiving.

The main benefit to a flat court profile ring is that it offers a more contemporary look in addition to probably the most comfortable and secure fit. For women looking to add to their engagement ring with this type of wedding band, be sure that your ring fits in style, as you may have some design clashing issues. However, with (formerly’s full money-back guarantee, you can enjoy complete peace of mind, whatever you buy.

Halo Profile

Halo profile rings are not a particularly common type of ring, although they do offer both men and women something completely different. More pronounced on the finger than a D-shaped wedding band, these have the same domed appearance. be sure to have a chat with us about how appropriate this style is for you, as we have highly-trained staff just waiting for your call. Often thinner than other types of wedding ring profiles, these rings can be gorgeous on the right finger. The purity of the design (simply being circular in profile) means that the material here is all-important. If you’re set on a halo profile wedding band, be sure to match it well with your skin tone and you’ll have a beautiful reminder of your perfect day.