Wedding Cake Decider in Bake Off Final

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Wedding Cake Decider in Bake Off Final

A Piece of Cake?

The Great British Bake Off final caught our attention when the final show stopper challenge was set. The three female finalists were instructed to create a three tiered wedding cake. Whilst we may be slightly biased and say that the wedding rings are in fact the most important accessory to any wedding we do not deny that in terms of a wedding feast the cake is definitely the centerpiece. So an interesting task for the amateur bakers meant combining three delicious flavoured cakes with a beautiful decoration fit for any bride’s big day.

After the first two challenges on the show judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry suggested the crown hung in the balance between the three finalists Philosophy Student Ruby, Psychologist Kimberley and Children’s Fashion Designer Frances with the top spot being too close to call. Therefore it looked as though it was all going to come down to the wedding cake.


Ruby’s Sunset Wedding Cake

Ruby, the youngest competitor on the show when asked about romance and wedding cakes admitted to being a little cynical and suggested that a wedding was not on the cards any time soon for her.

Her cake combined three fruity flavours of passion fruit, raspberries and lemon decorated to embody a sunset on a summer’s day with silhouettes of dragonflies and flowers made out of white icing Ruby’s cake was not your traditional wedding cake, and perhaps lacked some of the necessary splendour of the centre piece for a wedding dinner.


Kimberley’s ‘Love’ Themed Wedding Cake

Kimberley perhaps came across as the most competitive of the three at one point admitting her family had told her to crush the competition. When asked about her wedding cake inspiration for flavours she said they were a combination of her and her boyfriend’s favourite flavours.


With a raspberry and chocolate layer, an orange and pistachio sponge and a lemon and elderflower cake there was certainly a flavour for everyone. The cake’s exterior was a simple white with ‘love’ themed decorations but when cut into full of surprises in the form of checkerboards, polka dots and stripes.


Frances’ Midsummer Night’s Dream Wedding Cake

Frances, throughout the competition had been criticised by judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry for often putting style before substance so the audience all knew her wedding cake would be a beautiful piece looking centerpiece for any wedding.


As long as she got her flavours right the challenge seemed to be right up Frances’ street. So baking a ginger cake, a lemon sponge and an carrot, orange and apricot cake Frances planned to decorate her cake with a Midsummer Night’s Dream theme.

When it came to the judging Paul and Mary were critical of the design of both Ruby and Kimberly’s cakes and had issues with elements of the flavouring and bakes on all three. However with the stunning design of Frances’ wedding cake it came as no surprise to anyone that she had put herself in the lead and was crowned the winner of the 2013 Great British Bake Off.

At (formerly we know that planning a wedding is difficult but with the wedding cake have some fun. Who doesn’t like tasting cake after all, so go off and enjoy your tasting session and let us take care of the rings.