Wedding Bands

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Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands are one of the most important rings a person will ever have to wear. A wedding band isn’t just a peice of metal worn around the finger; it’s a symbol of eternal love that a couple will hold for each other for the rest of their lives. With over 16, 000 Wedding Bands The (formerly wedding band collection is one of the largest and most exciting collection’s available to buy online. Wedding Bands can be made in many different metals including platinum, palladium, 18ct white gold & 18ct yellow gold. All of the (formerly Wedding Bands are designed & manufactured in their award-winning workshop in 7-10 working days.


Weight does not equal value


Buy potatoes by weight, but please don’t even think of buying your wedding ring, the very symbol of your marriage and then using weight as a measure of quality and value. There is so much more to a quality wedding ring than the amount of bullion it took to make it. More weight does not mean better value, it is very easy to produce a cheap, heavy wedding ring with ‘perceived’ value. Have you ring made especially for you by ‘DG’, we assure that you can’t buy better quality or better value and we will price-beat any like quality and weight.