Vat Refunds On Personal Exports

Posted by Clive Billing 29/08/2017 0 Comment(s)


How does it work?
At your request we will issue you with an official export form, you are required to get it stamped at the airport and post it back to us from the airport. When we receive your form and assuming and only if it meets all the official requirements we are authorised to refund that VAT you have paid. This will take the form of a refund against your card.

What’s the easy way to calculate the discount?
VAT is a value added tax, that’s 20% added to the tax free price, our prices include VAT so to get back to the VAT FREE and therefore the SALE PRICE divide our VAT included prices by 1. 2. The discount of 16. 67% has been applied to the pre-promotional selling price, representing the VAT that would have been payable.
e. g. £100 item plus VAT is £100 x 1. 2 = £120 VAT inclusive and listed price, divide £120 by 1. 2 and you have the VAT exclusive price, the price you pay.