Top tips to save you money on your wedding

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Top tips to save you money on your wedding

Are you feeling the pinch of the recession but still have wedding plans to make? Do you want that big day on a small budget? There are many ways to save money on your wedding and we?ve compiled our top money saving tips to save you a load of notes.



Saving money can sometimes mean you have to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in yourself. DIY invitations, bouquets and decorations can save you a packet and a bit of arts and craft round the kitchen table will bring you both together.


Draft in the troops

Aunt Deirdre makes cakes? Uncle Stan used to be a florist? Your mate Dave’s got a classic car? It’s time to call in the favours. Friends and relatives are often pleased to help out where they can and should feel quite honoured to be involved in such a special occasion.


Cut back on numbers

They eat, they drink and they need somewhere to sit. Yep, guests cost you money. The number one best way to save money on your wedding is to invite less people. Don’t feel obliged to let friends bring a plus-one; don’t invite anyone you?ve not seen in the last two years; and bring in a no children policy.


Meringues mean money

The bride’s dress swallows a large slice of any wedding budget, so savings here make a big difference to the overall cost of your day. Scout around for shop display dresses you can get on the cheap; consider hiring a dress; or be the hip (frugal) bride in a vintage (second hand) dress.


You are cordially invited

Sending out classy wedding invitations might be traditional but it’s an expense you can do without. Save money and postage costs by sending online invitations. You can tell your guests you?re doing your bit for the environment by avoiding card invitations, rather than letting them think you?re tight or skint.


Let them eat cake

Food and drink for you and your guests can cost a stack of money. Do you really need so much champagne? Why not book a buffet rather than that three course meal with cheese and biscuits, or maybe just drop the starter of soup and a roll? Be open with caterers about your financial constraints and see what deals they can offer you.


Snap this

Hiring a professional photographer for the whole event will cost the happy couple a small fortune that can make it hard to smile. By all means book a photographer to come and take some formal pictures following the ceremony, but then send them on their way. Instead, put disposable cameras on all the tables at the reception and encourage your guests to snap away, thus saving you money while the. document your big day.

However you decide to make a saving on your wedding day, be sure to keep a detailed budget and stick to it. It’s easy to get carried away on little things, so keep an account of every penny you spend. Getting a good deal on your wedding day will mean you won’t need to swap that honeymoon in the sun for a week in a caravan in Skegness.