Top ten tips to keep your wedding environmentally friendly

15/07/2017 0 Comment(s)

Top ten tips to keep your wedding environmentally friendly

Marriage is a commitment to another person, but what if you’re also committed to reducing your carbon footprint? You can reduce the environmental impact of your big day by following our tips for turning your white wedding green.


1. Invitations

Rather than send out paper invitations, why not send online invitations by email, completely removing the need to use natural resources. If you need to send traditional paper invitations, stick to recycled paper and cut back on the frills and ribbons.


2. Flowers


Tulips from Amsterdam? Think of the fossil fuels used to deliver fresh cut flowers. An excellent way to keep your wedding eco-friendly is to find locally produced flowers. Why not use potted plants to dress the tables instead, which your guests can take away with them for their homes or gardens?


3. Invite less people

It might seem harsh but inviting less people to your wedding will reduce the environmental impact of your big day considerably. Alternatively, reduce CO² by encouraging guests to share a car wherever possible.


4. Venue

Rather than holding your reception at a remote stately home 40 miles from the church or registry office, try to find somewhere close by. Even better, hold your wedding in a central location where your guests can easily make use of public transport.


5. Wedding dress

Vintage dresses have been a stylish choice for many brides in recent years, but wearing a vintage dress is good for the environment at the same time as being chic.

If you’ve got your heart set on walking down the aisle in a contemporary wedding dress, you can still dramatically reduce the carbon footprints you leave behind you by hiring a dress for the day rather than buying one.


6. Food


Choosing a meal that uses local and organic produce is a great way to immediately reduce the environmental impact of your wedding. Using local and organic produce also means you’re feeding your guests with good, fresh food and supporting local producers at the same time.


7. Drink

We are in a golden age for small breweries and British winemakers and sourcing locally produced beverages will keep your party thirst-free and eco-friendly.


8. Wedding gifts

If your guests are buying you wedding gifts, why not request they only buy energy efficient gifts. Energy efficient appliances will go on reducing harm to the environment long after the confetti has settled.


9. Wedding favours

Rather than traditional and environmentally-damaging gifts, you could give out seedling trees as wedding favours that will help to reduce CO² in the atmosphere for many years to come.


10. Honeymoon

Rather than leaving global-dimming vapour trails in your wake as you soar off in a passenger jet for a week in the sun, do your bit for the environment and the local economy by honeymooning somewhere closer to home.

Following some of our top ten tips for a greener wedding can ensure you big day leaves a tiniest of carbon footprints.