Watches: Time to Get a Watch

11/04/2018 0 Comment(s)

Watches: Time to Get a Watch

Weather and the Time

There are two things people in Britain discuss with strangers one of these is the weather, the other is the time. We constantly walk around oblivious to the time and then we realise actually it might be good to know the time, if you haven’t got a watch on you have got ask someone. Now this can cause all kinds of awkwardness, as while approaching a stranger to ask for the time is deemed ok, you’ve got to look for someone who actually has a watch. Then if you have ever had a watch and someone asks you the time you have to decide whether to simply hold out your wrist and let them see for themselves or try and work it out. Now even though you have probably been telling the time for years you can’t help but hope that it will be an easy time, and have a moment of panic when you see that it’s not.


Why Do I Need a Watch?

You may be reading this and think well, I have my phone which tells the time. A watch is not only practical but also highly fashionable, the latest trend is over sized watches, the bigger the better! And the best place to get one you ask? Easy click here to see the best over sized watches at (formerly They sell a variety of watches including women, men and unisex ensuring you find the perfect one for you. So get a move on because time is ticking.