Themed weddings

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Themed weddings

Everyone wants their wedding to be a memorable and unique day. An excellent way of ensuring your wedding is stylish and all those details tie together, is to work to a theme.

Themed weddings is an opportunity for you and your partner to express who you are as a couple through the style of your wedding. If you get it right, your guests will be sure to remember your wedding for years to come. Here are a few ideas for a themed wedding.



sarah + pat

If vintage is your style why not give your wedding a vintage flavour?Choose your era and decide on a colour palette that best matches the time; no more than three colours usually work best. Next create a mood board, a collage of images and styles from your chosen era. Once you have the feel for your theme you can begin the details into your wedding plans. For example, if you?re going for a 1920s theme, incorporate flowing feathers into your hair piece, bouquet of table decorations; design Art Deco style wedding invitations and find a vintage dress and car that fits the decade.


Tea party

A Quintessentially British (slightly) Royal Tea Party

The epitome of English charm and summer evenings, the tea party is an increasingly popular theme for weddings. Have fun and take your inspiration from famous tea parties, such as Alice in Wonderland. The beauty of the tea party theme is that it’s easy to pull off and cheap. Find your cups, saucers and plates from charity shops and car boot sales. Don’t try to find matching sets the odder the tea party the better. You can even make your own cake stands by gluing plates and saucers together in stacks separated by glass shot glasses.



Wedding Ceilidh

If you both enjoy the outdoors and yearn for the romanticism of a more traditional life of years gone by, the country theme could be just the ticket for your big day. With this one it’s all about location. Imagine a barn, decorated simply with flowers and bunting, with one long table arrangement down the middle with a hotchpotch of chairs and hay bales for you and your guest to sit on. Music is key; perhaps a traditional folk band or ceilidh would fit the theme best. The organised dancing of a ceilidh can be great fun and gets even the most reluctant dancer off their hay bale and enjoying the dance.


The Coast

25 Apr 09 - West Pier

We do like to be beside the seaside. If you enjoy the seaside and are having you wedding on the coast, perhaps you choose the seaside as a theme for your wedding.

Again, potentially very cheap to create, you can decorate the room and tables with things you find on a walk along the beach; seashells, interesting pieces of driftwood and broken lobster traps. Perhaps you could tie favours and flowers with discarded fisherman’s rope. A few traditional, striped deck chairs dotted about the place would be perfect.