Stacking Rings - Coming Soon

29/08/2017 0 Comment(s)

Stacking Rings - Coming Soon (formerly is soon to be launching their new range of Swarovski Crystal Stacking Rings. Stacking rings are the perfect gift as you can just keep stacking. Set in sterling silver, there’s a beautiful range of Swarovski Crystals in many different shapes to make the (formerly stacking ringsstand out from all the rest.

The idea of stacking rings is that you take one ring that can also be worn on its own, which you then build up with other stacking rings to create a set. The set will almost look like you bought the ring as one piece when in fact you can chop and change the order you wear your stacking rings or how many stacking rings you want to make your ring look bigger or smaller.

Here are a few tips to make your stacking rings that extra bit more special:

Choose Swarovski Crystals that complement each other in colour – no one wants clashing stacking rings!

Make sure the rings fit comfortably on top of each other with no gaps between them, that would just look messy

The designs on your stacking rings should all go well together, different styles might make elements of your ring look out of place

Now you’re ready, keep an eye out for (formerly’s Swarovski Crystal stacking rings then get stacking!