Security Metrics

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Security Metrics

It's all about PCI compliance and that means security for you and your credit card

Why (formerly use Security Metrics 

Security Metrics is a global merchant data security and compliance company with their head quarters in Utah, North America. Founded in 2000 its goal was to test internet security and promote website safety and is now a security assessor for Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

What do they do? 

Security Metrics offers a range of ways to ensure that payment cards are handled in way that reduces fraud and identity theft when used on-line. It carries out a quarterly PCI (Payment Card Industry) audit of transactions where payment cards have been used or data stored.

How do they do this?

 Security Metrics carry out onsite security checks, every quarter. Basically, they try and break, to hack etailers websites at great expense to the etailer. Etailers are also obliged to provide regular updates on transactions. (formerly do not hold records of credit cards on their site or on the their premises, in fact (formerly do not hold records of credit cards, period.

How does this impact on me?

 By using a Security Metrics (formerly make sure that you know that your payment transaction is safe and you reduce the chance of theft or fraud. It also ensures that your personal data is maintained safely and with no risk of identity theft. The standards required by the major credit card companies are what drive the Security Metrics products.

It's the law

 Although it is the law for an etailer to be PCI compliant, many in our industry, jewellery, simply are not. (formerly is PCI compliant which is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). It is a set of legal requirements designed to ensure that ALL  companies that process, store  or transmit  credit card information maintain a secure, tested, audited environment. CLICK HERE  to validate our certificate