The Royal Engagement Ring

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Transform your engagement celebration into a romantic fairy tale occasion fit for a princess. The stunning trilogy diamond rings symbolise the past, the present and the future or now, forever and always. Designed by our own Frederick Charles, our fine trilogy diamond engagement rings are inspired by the Royal union of Prince Harry and his beautiful bride to be, Meghan Markle.

The Royal Engagement Ring


The Royal Ring features a sparkling cushion-cut centre solitaire diamond nestled between two smaller brilliant-cut diamonds, on a fine shank. The claw setting gives the modern diamond engagement rings a touch of eternal class and vintage glamour. The 18ct. yellow and white gold precious metals also perfectly enhance the alluring brilliance of the fine, white diamonds.


Create your own custom piece

Whilst your diamond ring may not exactly be Prince Harry’s original design, you can create your own custom piece that is every bit as personal, rare and priceless. Designing unique trilogy style diamond engagement rings that are elegant and cherished replicas of the Royal engagement ring is easy. Simply select your gorgeous certificated diamond from the WIDGET-TOTAL-DIAMOND-COUNT listed on the diamond buying platform today. Those diamonds are listed directly by leading diamond cutters based in the diamond-cutting centres of the world. View the individual diamonds listed and explore, then find beautiful diamonds to meet your budget. Select your preferred metal, whether platinum, 18ct white gold or 18ct. yellow and white gold precious metal, and decide how much you would like to spend.


You too can use diamonds from your loved one's jewellery

The soon-to-be royal, Meghan Markle’s trilogy engagement ring features quality diamonds of substantial monetary worth and sentimental value. The centre diamond is from Botswana and is flanked by diamonds from Prince Harry’s mother Princess Diana’s personal jewellery collection. At you can create dazzling classic and timeless diamond engagement rings of your own that flaunt master craftsmanship and a modern design. And if you wish to take Royal example, our master craftsmen can use diamonds from your loved one's jewellery just as Harry used diamonds from his Mother's. Our three stone 'Royal' engagement trilogy diamond rings are unique statement pieces that celebrate the loving commitment between two people. Make your princess your Queen, with a breathtaking diamond engagement ring that symbolises your love.

5 Comment(s)

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Make your princess your Queen, with a breathtaking diamond engagement ring that symbolizes your love, as you expressed in the last is evidence of its importance. Thank you for sharing this information with us so that we can make our traditional diamond rings. I enjoyed reading this article. Thank you, and keep sharing.

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