Round Brilliant Cut - Classic Beauty!

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Round Brilliant Cut - Classic Beauty!

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

The round brilliant cut dates back to 1919 and it is the cut of choice for anyone looking for some spectacular sparkle. Modern round cuts have 58 facets which is why the gemstone gives of such wonderful light. Each facet can direct the light in a different direction giving it a wonderful effect that looks fabulous, especially in jewellery, making it a popular choice for engagement rings.


Pick a Classic Engagement Ring

If you are looking to impress the round brilliant cut as an excellent choice to make. It is considered to be highly technical and it remains on the top of the wish list with princess cut coming in a close second. The creator of the technique, Marcel Tolkowsky invented a cut that has perfect proportions and symmetry and as a result each diamond is able to show off how beautiful it is. This is a superior design and a it will show off any diamonds colour and clarity.


A Traditional Round Brilliant Cut Diamond that Moves with the Times

Despite the newer princess cut becoming more popular in recent years the round brilliant cut still remains on the top of the wish list. It is a traditional style that is simply timeless, meaning it will never age or look old fashioned. It is able to suit happily on the finger of a modern woman and will look incredible throughout her lifetime and the lifetimes of her children too.


They require being set in a minimum four prong setting so they can be placed in more extravagant settings for fashionistas or kept very traditional. They work in solitare settings or can be combined with accent stones for some added sparkle and glamour. Scarlett Johansson, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Anna Paquin have all opted for this romantic cut, so if you are a fan of romance, classic style and timeless sparkle the round brilliant cut is the one for you.

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