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The most recognisable and popular form of diamond jewellery is the diamond engagement ring or diamond solitaire. The diamond ring is the symbol of a union and while some may wish for a reserved and subtle design others like to ‘show off’ their forthcoming marriage with an elaborate and personal ring style. What ever the ring design remember it is the diamond that is usually the most expensive component and should remain the ‘Star of the Show’.

Diamond rings can be made with a variety of materials and gold is perhaps the most common. Gold is very soft in its pure 24 carat state and an alloy mix is added to produce jewellery of quality hardness. This mix is the most workable when mixed at 750 parts pure gold per thousand this is known as 18 carat. Gold can be made in various colours depending on the alloy mix. Copper, silver and zinc is alloyed for yellow gold and palladium, zinc and silver for white gold. Traditionally gold was the choice but recently with the fashion trends towards white gold and the availability of Platinum there are new choices. Platinum is with out doubt the best white coloured ring metal available.



Platinum is a superior metal to make rings because of its unique characteristics. Platinum is 1. 4 times the weight of gold which makes it dense and much harder than other alternatives. This strength and hardness makes platinum very hard wearing and durable. because of this strength, platinum is the best metal to secure diamonds and is naturally white so will not tarnish and fade. Platinum is non allergenic which helps people with dermatitis and skin irritations. We can not speak highly enough of Platinum we recommend it highly.

Once you’ve decided on what metal to use then look at style. If the diamond ring is a surprise you may want to ask the recipients friends or family about ring style or drop a hint when going past a jewellery window display. The basic diamond ring styles consist of a band and a setting. The band or shank is the piece that holds the ring on the finger and can be narrow, broad, flat, curved or knife edge to name a few styles. The setting is soldered to the top of the band and it here that the diamond will be set. Think about an open setting using claws, a rub-over or bezel setting that is encased by metal or a combination of both. Think about light interaction with the diamond and how much sparkle you anticipate. (formerly has a range of contemporary styles that combine the classic with the modern and you’re welcome to view our online range or chat to a friendly member of staff. We have our own award winning workshop and our highly trained jewellers and platinum smiths make all our rings. (formerly make every ring to the owner’s finger size for superior fit and comfort, the recipient is the first and only person to wear that ring. We have a complete satisfaction policy and want you to love your ring.

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