29/08/2017 0 Comment(s)

Mugs! (formerly deal in Diamonds for sure, but we also deal in happy customers! Many thousands of them over the years, indeed.

So why the reference to ‘Mugs’? Well, it’s just that a surprising number of those entirely happy customers have taken the trouble to kindly recognise the outstanding quality and value they have enjoyed from shopping on line with (formerly by going to the trouble and expense of sending us ‘ (formerly mugs’ for which we are unbelievably grateful and appreciative.

In fact we are building up quite a collection of mugs now, maybe not enough to rival our Loose Diamonds perhaps but still highly significant in customer satisfaction terms! We would like therefore to thank our customers publicly for these mugs and also for the very many sparkling (like our Diamonds) testimonials and sincere communications of great satisfaction expressed by them on a daily basis.

We know only too well that any piece of jewellery is a hugely important, emotive and personal item to our customer and we take great pride in delivering exceptional quality to you and be assured that each and every customer of (formerly is of equal importance to us.