Most Expensive Clothes Ever Made

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Most Expensive Clothes Ever Made

They say the easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and the easiest way to a woman’s heart? Well. . . . there is no easy way. But clothes are usually a winner and they say Diamonds are forever so combining the two is surely going to get you points? We have come up with a list of the most expensive clothes ever made and most of them contain sparkling diamonds and other precious stones.


The List of the Most Expensive Clothes

The Golden Shirt
$25, 000
£14, 000
In India this shirt was custom made from 3kg of 22 carat gold. Inspired by images of Indian Kings the owner of the shirt says it is the ultimate symbol of status and achievement. Perhaps not the most practical of items this shirt made entirely of gold can not be washed but it comes in at number 10 on the list of most expensive clothes.
The Diamond Men’s Suit
$900, 000
£600, 000
Liverpool based designer Stuart Hughes produced the most expensive suit in the world made from silk, cashmere wool and of course, diamonds. With a total of almost 500 G VS2 diamonds, each at 0. 5 carats the suit weight in with a total of 240 carats it is not surprising this pricey suit makes it onto the list of most expensive clothes ever made.
8. ‘Designer Labels’ Coat
£630, 000
This coat was created using 7541 original designer labels. The concept was designed and created by Silke Wawro who spent three months sewing labels together including brands like Prada and Issey Miyake. The Coat is on display at a Museum in the Netherlands.
7. Secret Circus Jeans
$1. 2m
£640, 000
The most expensive pair of jeans in the world, may seem to be a classic design. It is the diamond detail on the back pocket which explains the price tag. With 15 high quality diamonds with a range of cuts, from Marquise to Princess it is no surprise the jeans broke the million dollar mark.
6. Ruby Slippers
£1. 8m
Jewellery designers The House of Harry Winston commemorated the famous film The Wizard of Oz by creating a pair of ruby slippers. However ruby coloured slippers were not enough so the designers used 4, 600 rubies weighing in at 1, 350 carats and a total of 50 carats of diamonds to create the most expensive shoes ever made and have earned their place on the list of the most expensive clothes.
5. The Black Diamond Dress
$5. 6m
£3. 5m
British designer Debbie Wingham’s dress is made up of more than 50 black diamond’s as well as a stunning centerpiece of five carats of black diamonds. The rest of the embellishment is fine beading and delicate white diamonds set in white gold. The handmade dress is certainly one of a kind.
4. The ‘Royal’ Fantasy Bra
£6. 3m
Victoria’s Secret have been creating the fantasy bra since Claudia Schiffer modeled the first design in 1996. The 2013 Royal Fantasy Bra was modeled by Candice Swanepoel and one of the most expensive bras of all times. With the bra and belt containing 4, 200 diamonds, rubies and yellow sapphires in 18ct. gold, and a 52ct. ruby centrestone it has a hefty price tag.
3. The Diamond Wedding Gown
£7. 5m
Wedding dress designer Renee Strausse and jeweller Martin Katz designed the most expensive known wedding dress in the world. With 150 carats in total adorning the dress the dress is widely known as the Diamond Wedding Gown is yet to find an owner.
2. The ‘Red Hot’ Fantasy Bra
£9. 4m
Another of Victoria’s Secret Fantasy bras, the Red Hot Fantasy Bra created in 2000 and modeled by Brazilian supermodel Gisele B?ndchen it is the most expensive bra set ever made. With 300 carats of Thai rubies on red satin the set made it into the Guinness Book of Records for the most expensive lingerie set ever made.
Top of the most expensive clothes list ever designed and made to date is the Abaya. It is also designed by British designer Debbie Wingham. The middle Eastern inspired dress is encrusted with 2000 stones including rare red diamonds, flawless white diamonds and the worlds largest red diamond.

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