Jewellery Trends of 2013

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Jewellery Trends of 2013

Jewellery Trends and Fashion

With the summer catwalk season ending we thought we could take a look back at the jewellery trendsof the Spring and Summer of 2013. The Fashion Weeks of New York, London, Milan and Paris were infused by an extensive mix of classical designs and ultra-modern pieces, waif styles or warrior princesses and retro and revolution. Taking all these different looks its apparent there have been a wide range of almost conflicting styles from every fashion show and designer this year.


Classic or Modern?

The classics are still in fashion with a continued focus on beauty. Classic style jewellery is clearly a trend. Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy, Nicolas Ghesquière at Balenciaga, and Gareth Pugh all made use of the classic style with their own individual quirky looks. And the colours, blacks and golds and a dash of red.

However we also saw the fantastic modern designs with Gucci’s “fake Liz Taylor” precious gem-coloured necklaces and earrings. And Versus’s Crayola coloured chain necklaces and earrings. Also JW Anderson’s plastic chokers.


The main criteria…. . lots of colour and style. At (formerly we are selling a new range of fashion bangles and earrings made up of colourful designs.


Waifs or Warriors?

A key jewellery trend for 2013 was the waifish styles of the tiny, doll like diamond-drop earrings at Louis Vuitton and at Miu Miu with crystal, jewelled butterflies and matching tiny clutch-bags and tiny gold feather, leaf or ‘B’ symbols on fine gold chains at Balenciaga. Drop earrings have been spotted gracing celebrities on the red carpet and at (formerly we have a fashionable selection of drop earrings from our Italian collection.

diamond drop earrings jewellery trends

In comparison we saw the continuation from 2012 of the “strong” women theme in fashion. Christopher Kane’s Frankenstein like collection use of wing-nuts and bolts to fasten jackets and the Boris Karloff ‘face’ T-shirts to influence the quirky ‘horror’ or perhaps Halloween jewellery in metals and plastic.

The warrior princess theme continued with the increase in chokers and cuffs , with marble sized pearls for the huge designs, in cream or soft grey, at Chanel. At (formerly we have followed the cuff style bangle theme and have our very own fashionable collection available for the fierce but feminine warrior princess look prominent in the 2013 jewellery trends.

fashion cuff jewellery trends

Big and bold pieces are extremely fashionable with Lanvin and their range of massive multi-media, stone, crystal, quartz, and diamanté chokers and pendants. Big was also the best at Versace with yards of fringed chain spilling from the necks and encircling the hips. However Balmain set the real warrior tone with rows of gold ‘knuckle-duster’ rings and huge silver hoops with coloured chandelier drops.


Retro or Revolutionary

The always popular Retro look was covered by the semi-precious flower sprays on jackets at Oscar de la Renta and decorated bodices reminiscent of heirloom-pieces at Vivienne Westwood. The 1960’s styling of aquamarine shapes of moths and butterflies on the shoulders at Giorgio Armani reminded of us how colour and shape can impress.

retro design jewellery trends flower earrings

In comparison, House of Holland’s designs are revolutionary jewelled pins on beanie. Fantastic and revolutionary style Wanderlust necklaces, in coins, tassels and beads, could be found at Matthew Williamson. (formerly have a number of gorgeous retro or revolutionary designs in the shape of roses and flowers or beaded earrings perfect for all styles and preferences following the jewellery trends of 2013.