Jeweller Scandal: How Honest are they?

13/04/2018 0 Comment(s)

Jeweller Scandal: How Honest are they?

Jewellers - can we trust them?

A recent scandal has revealed that a jeweller the former vice president of product development at Tiffany & Co. was charged with stealing $2 million worth of jewellery from the company she had previously worked for. She had been taking pieces of jewellery that were priced at under $10, 000, as the company take daily inventory of all items worth more than $25, 000. This allowed her to avoid detection for a while. This raises questions like just how trustworthy are some jewellers if big branded names such as Tiffany have their own employees stealing from them. This goes to show that perhaps big companies get too big and employ people who aren’t suited to the business and are happy to steal from it. This is something you would never find in a family firm like Perhaps bigger isn’t better but instead the up and coming brands, who have to work harder to impress are the ones to look out for a buy from.


Customer Service

While I’m sure larger companies offer excellent service, can they really offer the same degree of customer service and satisfaction, that personal service that jewellers like (formerly can? (formerly are what is known as pure-play ‘etailers, no shop but a powerful, informative website and a wealth of qualified talent just a free-phone away. This ensures you can contact them, for informed chat about diamonds, rings, necklaces, earrings and watches any time, and they will get back to you offering expert advice and top customer service making sure you know how important your purchase is to them.


Not to mention how personal and one of a kind we can make our rings, you can work with our specialist team to design a ring specifically for youor that special someone. A ring should be something personal and getting one we believe should be done in the same way, this is why our team are on hand to help you with any problems and give general information.