Honeymoon: The perfect Getaway

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Honeymoon: The perfect Getaway


Where is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination?

After getting married there are many new and exciting prospects that you are yet to encounter. The soonest and perhaps most exciting, relaxing and shall we say passionate is the honeymoon. This is a holiday of a lifetime with the person you love – what could be better? Not to mention how new and exciting things are in your relationship now. You do however need to avoid a “honeymoon from hell”. I have a few tips for you ranging from what you need all the way to the destination


What Do you need?

Now there are a few obvious individual necessities but I believe there is a particular item that all honeymooners require.

A camera, this is a vital item in order to get some lovely snaps of you and your other half, and then when you plaster them on facebook/twitter/instagram etc when no one will complain because it’s acceptable. Instead you’ll get friends commenting on “what a lovely couple you are” and “how happy you look” and “what a perfect honeymoon” (if you follow my tips, of course).


Destination is Key

Destination is key, the perfect honeymoon needs to be based in the perfect location now there are many packages available for now I’m going to focus purely on the place.

I have found the top three honeymoon destination based on cut, clarity and colour.


In third place. . . . . . . Italy

honeymoon destination Italy

Cut: Italy certainly meets the cut with rich culture and the romance associated with it.

Clarity: The overall temperature is great, (much hotter than England and the rest of the UK). July and August tend to be the hottest months reaching high temperatures.

Colour: Great colours of gold and pearl, with elements of aquamarine.


In Second place . . . . . . New Zealand

honeymoon destination New Zealand

Cut: An emerald cut above the rest due to the quality of the spectacular countryside rich in mountains, sea and hobbits.

Clarity: The temperatures are decent with January and February being the warmest months.

Colour: Brilliant colours in particular light and dark emeralds and massive ranges of sapphires, turquoise and pearls.


And the winner is . . . . . . . Hawaii

honeymoon destination Hawaii

Cut: How about finding a destination with a Princess cut, that is one fit for you princess. Often ranked as the best honeymoon spot due to the remote location and brilliant beaches and packages available for honeymooners.

Clarity: The temperatures are consistent throughout the year, hot hot hot.

Colour: Spectacular colours from light blue aquamarine to deep sapphire along with sparking emeralds and gorgeous gold.

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