Getting engaged

15/07/2017 0 Comment(s)

Getting engaged

Working with diamond engagement rings & wedding rings every day at (formerly it’s made me think more about how I’d like to be proposed to & made me imagine what my wedding day will be like. So I started looking on YouTube for videos of proposals and amazing wedding days to see how far men will go to get engaged. From a flash mob on the tube proposal to a musical of an engagement, it’s incredible the lengths men will go to to propose to their girlfriends.

This proposal stood out from all of the rest though. It’s like a scene of a movie, with dancers and actors and staged props all waiting for the proposal to begin and get in place ready to impress, which they certainly did! For me it’s probably a little bit too cheesy, maybe too movie-like. But nevertheless it’s amazing

Obviously this kind of proposal doesn’t happen every day & if it does, well, count yourself one very lucky lady!

Gabriella, (formerly