Fitted Wedding Ring Design Service

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What is a Fitted Wedding Ring?

The engagement ring is a stunning piece of jewellery that was carefully designed by your partner especially for you. The last thing you want to do is buy a wedding ring that doesn’t match your engagement rings style, colour or shape. The answer is simple. Have a fitted wedding ring designed. What you need is a jewellery company with the expertise and ability to design a wedding ring to complement the engagement ring. However this request is becoming more and more frequent as the celebrity and fashion worlds have been displaying matching rings for some years.

A fitted wedding ring is a one off designed ring that matches, complements or adds to the style of the engagement ring. There are several techniques available including specialist designs such as jigsaw, under or over lay, and wishbone style wedding rings that fit together with the engagement ring to enhance the beauty of the engagement ring.

The wedding ring will follow the contour of the engagement ring and provides the ideal pairing, displaying elegance and a touch of the unique. However a well-designed fitted wedding ring can also be worn separately.

Some fitted wedding rings also complement the rings worn by each partner. Actor Alec Baldwin’s bride wore an opposite style wedding ring to her new husband, creating a fitted effect in a truly unique style personal to the couple.


Why Buy a Fitted Wedding Ring?

Fitted Wedding Rings provide the unique, and distinct style of the relationship itself. Also with more and more engagement rings being family heirlooms the chance to create a wedding ring to add to the family lore is appealing to many.

Every relationship is unique and distinct. By choosing a fitted wedding ring you can ensure that you are complementing the engagement ring and creating a one of a kind, piece of beauty. Your distinctive wedding and engagement ring set will be like nobody elses and will add a touch of elegance and glamour to the wedding.


Where do I get a Fitted Wedding Ring? (formerly are proud to have a number of talented jewellery designers who are only too happy to work with you to create your perfect fitted wedding ring. Based in the Cotswold’s, but operating online, the expert, professional team at the company can help you choose a design style, enhancing the choice of style, metal and settings to suit all budgets.

And the best thing about it all, you won’t have to part with your engagement ring for long. All we need is enough time to make a template to ensure the wedding ring we manufacture will be a perfect fit.


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