Expensive Diamonds and Broken Records

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Expensive Diamonds and Broken Records

Going Once, Going Twice, Gone!

Diamond and fine jewellery auction houses such as Sotherby’s and Christie’s see some of the most remarkable diamonds, gems and jewellery come through their doors. Therefore it is not surprising that these beautiful stones have broken a number of records. A few fancy coloured stones or flawless colourless diamonds sold at auction have the title of the most expensive diamondsold at auction. At ComparetheDiamond.com (formerly diamondgeezer.com) we have come up with a list of the top ten most expensive diamonds which can also be known as the top ten list of diamonds we should like to own…. . if money was no object of course!

The Worlds Most Expensive Diamonds at Auction


The Argyle Phoenix

1. 56 ct.
$2. 6m
£1. 6m
£1. 02m per carat
The Argyle Phoenix Diamond is one of the largest Fancy Red diamonds to be sold at auction and broke the record for the highest price per carat for a Diamond from Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in August 2013. The 1. 56cts. round diamond is rare indeed with it’s red colouring.

Vivid Green Diamond

2. 52 ct.
$3. 1m
£1. 9m 
£750, 000 per carat
The largest vivid green diamond at 2. 52cts. to ever be sold at auction! The buyer of the diamond remained anonymous but with its stunning colouring and cushion cut it is no surprise that Sotherby’s Auction House got the stone into the record books in December 2009 as the most expensive Vivid Green Diamond ever sold.

Sun-Drop Diamond

110. 3 ct.
$10. 9m
£6. 8m
£6, 200 per carat
The 110. 3ct. diamond is one of the largest stones to appear at auction, especially considering its fancy vivid yellow colouring. Sotherby’s broke more records with the Sun-Drop diamond when it was bought by an anonymous buyer in Geneva. The pear-shaped stone was found in South Africa in 2010 before going to auction in November 2011.

Heart Shaped Diamond