Emerald Cut. Traditional, Elegant.

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Emerald Cut. Traditional, Elegant.

There are 11 different, main cuts of diamond. Each one has a different set of benefits and appeal, and history. Some are new inventions, others hugely traditional. The Emerald Cut was in existence 500 years ago, when diamonds were cut in the “table” shape.

The art Deco movement, in the early 1920s in Europe and USA, is associated with the cut, but the name stems from the gem stone cutting, of the actual Emerald, that suited the shape and consistency of the diamond. When Rennie Macintosh represented square and rectangular shapes in his designs the only jewel to be fashionable in the art deco years was the Emerald Cut.

Also known as the square emerald cut, the emerald cut is a broad, flat pane with truncated comers. It has the ultimate step cut too, when viewed from high. There are 57 facets and the large number can increase the stone clarity, create a natural feel to the piece and helps create an elongation of the finger enabling elegance and grace.

The large number of facets also, more recently, allow for gem stones to be set alongside the diamond creating a distinctive piece with a range of colours and effects.

The emerald cut is popular amongst those looking for a vintage, art deco feel and a distinctive, square look.

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