Different Diamond cuts

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ComparetheDiamond.com (formerly diamondgeezer.com) offer all the different diamond cuts. The cut of a diamond determines its shape & brilliance. The different diamond cuts include; round brilliant, princess, emerald, marquise, pear, heart, radiant, cushion & oval.

Round Brilliant-Cut Diamonds: Round brilliant-cut diamonds are the most popular style of diamond to buy, especially for an engagement ring. Round brilliant-cut diamonds have 58 facets. Facets are the natural or un-natural cuts in a diamond and are what determines a diamonds sparkle. Round brilliant-cut diamonds look beautiful in all types of jewellery & an excellent quality round diamond will never fail to have across the room sparkle.

Princess Cut Diamonds: Princess-cut diamonds, similar to round brilliant-cut diamonds, have 58 facets. Princess-cut diamonds are square-shaped & are cut to create a beautiful sparkle.compared to other square-shaped or rectangular diamonds, princess-cut’s are definetely the brightest & will always sparkle the most. Princess-cut diamonds make beautiful diamond jewellery & especially diamond engagement rings.

Emerald-Cut Diamonds: Emerald-cut diamonds are a rectangular shape and have very long lines creating an antique look. The long lines in an emerald-cut diamond are also known as a ‘step-cut’ and they create wonderful sparkle. When buying an emerald-cut diamond it is very important to choose the perfect colour as the colour shows very dramtically due to the shape. Emerald-cut diamonds make stunning diamond jewellery.

Marquise-Cut Diamonds: Marquise-cut diamonds are very elegant & have a sophisticated shape. Marquise-cut diamonds have a larger table than most making them appear bigger than their actual carat size meaning they’re excellent value for money. Marquise-cut diamonds make elegant & beautiful diamond engagement rings & pendants.

Pear-Shape Diamonds: Pear-shape diamonds are an alteration of the round brilliant-cut diamond & contain 58 facets. Pear-shape diamonds are a mix between a round brilliant-cut diamond & a marquise-cut diamond making them admirable diamonds to buy. Pear-shape diamonds look beautiful in any style of jewellery & always have across the room sparkle.

Heart-Shape Diamonds: Heart-shape diamonds are the perfect symbol of love when presented as an engagement ring. Heart-shape diamonds are often more expensive because to get a sparkling heart-shaped diamond the proportions need to be excellent. Heart-shape diamonds look beautiful in diamond jewellery but before buying one it’s useful to do a bit of homework to make sure the diamond is perfect.

Radiant-Cut Diamonds: Radiant-cut diamonds can appear either square or rectangular & they have signature trimmed corners. Radiant-cut diamonds have 70 facets to maximise their brilliance & sparkle making beautiful diamond jewellery, especially pendants.

Cushion-Cut Diamonds: Cushions-cut diamonds are an alteration of round brilliant-cut diamonds & have a very antique look. Cushion-cut diamonds don’t have the same sparkle as different diamond cuts but if the right cushion-cut diamond is chosen & worn in the best peice of jewellery, then a cushion-cut diamond can look beautiful.

Oval-Cut Diamonds:Oval-cut diamonds are very similar to a round brilliant-cut diamonds & are said to be the next most popular diamond cut to buy. Oval-cut diamonds are very flattering when worn in a ring as they make the fingers appear more slender. Oval-cut diamonds make beautiful diamond jewellery that create across the room sparkle.

When buying diamond jewellery, it is important to do research on the different diamond cuts ensuring the best diamond is being bought. ComparetheDiamond.com (formerly diamondgeezer.com) can offer the best advice on which cut to choose, speak to one of the ComparetheDiamond.com (formerly diamondgeezer.com) diamond experts now.