Did It Fall Or Was It Pushed?

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Did It Fall Or Was It Pushed

After a year of wear, all day, everyday, in bed, in the shower, gardening, down the gym, rubbing against another ring on the same or adjacent finger please do expect your jewellery to reflect life's knocks and bumps. Our charge to restore this sorry looking ring to its former glory, just £75 and it's typically a next day service. This particular ring is subject of many an internet comment and discussion.


  • THE METAL DAMAGEThis is caused by metal-on-metal contact, think door handles, cutlery, gym equipment, gardening tools, another ring on the same or adjacent finger, the list goes on.

Solution: An annual valet, a next day service £45, a little routine maintenance goes a long way.  

  • THE MISSING STONEThe setting is intact at this point in the ring so the loss is almost certainly due to the stone being broken and falling out. It's a natural amethyst so 15 times more likely to break than a diamond. 'Diamonds break?' I hear you cry, yes they do, rarely but it it certainly is possible to break a diamond, a good hard strike at the right angle can can fracture your diamond or turn it cloudy. Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man, but that is not the same as indestructible. Channel-Set, Flush-Set and Tention-Set stones are slightly more proned to damage because the stones take all of the shock directly.

 Solution: Replacing the amethyst is not an expensive job.  

  • CLOUDY STONESThis could be a result of being chipped but more usually is simply a build up of dirt behind the diamonds and amethyst. In all-day-everyday-wear the ring will pick up soap, perfume, hair spray etc. Perfect magnets and adhesives for dust and dirt which then block the light source and kill sparkle.

 Solution: A professional workshop steam clean and polish.  

  • DAMAGED SETTINGIt's caught on something and 'nicked' the setting, potentially it is challenging the security of the diamond and needs attention.

 Solution: 10 minutes of the setter's (man not machine) will correct this.