Diamond Symmetry

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Diamond Symmetry

Diamond Polish and diamond symmetry are the two least respected attributes of a diamond - even by many jewellers who never make reference to them when presenting a diamond. Quality of symmetry has a profound effect on sparkle. The grading system appears to be vague adjectives but are in fact precise quality tags

Ex = Excellent, ID = Ideal (different terms use by different labs, they are the same quality)

VG = Very Good

G = Good

F = Fair

P = Poor

Symmetry is about the relationship of each facet to the next. Good, Very Good, Excellent or Ideal symmetry will catch the light that enters the stone and send it out through the top and that means abundant sparkle and presence. The higher the grade the better the light and sparkle. Good symmetry represents value for money but will not capture all the potential light return. Fair and Poor cuts should be avoided. FREE PHONE 08080-342666 we’re here to help.