A Diamond Ring Masterpiece From ComparetheDiamond.com

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A Diamond Ring Masterpiece From ComparetheDiamond.com (formerly diamondgeezer.com)


After ordering a number of rings (and having them custom made by the wonderful Clive and Luke), I decided to take the plunge and ask them to make a ring I?d designed around a 6ct loose marquise cut Ruby.

I sent them some VERY rough drawings! Very very very rough!!! Luke called me and we talked through the design, step by step so that he could interpret my design correctly. We made a few adjustments and then it was off to the CAD team to replicate on their system.

Cad Cam

As you can see CAD brought the ring to life! Even at that point, Luke phoned and we spent ages discussing every aspect of the design and whether anything needed to be changed. It didn’t and I gave Luke the go-ahead to press the button!Not only did I speak with Luke on a regular basis (nothing was ever too much trouble), I received regular emails updating me of progress and could go online and see for myself what stage we were at. I love that aspect of their service as it feels very personal and you can get involved fully or not at all the choice is yours. For me, being a control freak, I loved the involvement!

Finished Ring by ComparetheDiamond.com (formerly diamondgeezer.com)

A short while later (and sooner than estimated) Hotlips arrived.

Finished Ring by ComparetheDiamond.com (formerly diamondgeezer.com)

To see my ring come to life and be part of that process for every step of the way has made it a very treasured item of jewellery. The ring was assessed by Safeguard shortly after for valuation purposes and they commented on the excellent workmanship and actually asked who had made it great praise indeed. So all in all, I can recommend Comparethediamond.com without any hesitation. Clive, Luke and the team go the extra mile and it doesn’t matter if you?re a new customer or an existing one. You can be assured of a first class service and excellent quality! One thing that they excel at is telling the truth, guiding you to buy what YOU want, not just what’s available and above all else, they listen. Now I'm just waiting for my next diamond ring masterpiece to arrive!