That's Not a Diamond Ring

29/08/2017 0 Comment(s)


At (formerly our team of designers are inspired in many different ways to design beautiful jewellery and in particular stunning, memorable diamond ring. It was a story told to us by a young man

one day that inspired a magnificent creation, to turn something that is not a diamond ring  into one.

A couple were walking along a mountain trail in Snowdonia when the man decided to make an impromptu proposal. bending down on one knee to ask the love of his life to marry him it was at this point he realised he had not a diamond ring, but what he did have was an empty can of drink. So breaking the ring pull off the can he slipped it onto her third finger left-hand instead of an engagement ring. We wonder if this has happened to anyone else?


Different Diamond Design

We thought this story was more unusual and deserved the attention of our incredible designers. At (formerly we have now designed and made the real thing in case she would like to wear a more comfortable reminder of her engagement. Therefore (formerly came up with an incredible design to combine the simplicity and spontaneity of the original proposal with the tradition of a diamond engagement ring. The 1. 42 carat diamond ring design uses a pav style setting. This means the majority of the 122 diamonds set in this stone are set very closely together across the surface of the ring pull design. A carat diamond beautifully hand-set, rub-over setting is an eye-catching centre piece of the design. Instead of the circular gap found on ring pulls on cans of drink it will be replaced with the brilliant-cut diamond. The rub-over setting means the diamond will be held in place by a collar of platinum or gold. The design means the diamond encrusted ring pull will run back along the top of the ring finger with the shape meaning it flicks upwards. The ring pull will be on a simple band with the ring pull being the focus.

Your Diamond Ring Replacements?


We have all heard the stories of proposals using a Haribo rings or ring pop instead of that diamond ring. But what else can be used instead of a diamond ring? We want to hear your stories about unusual objects used in proposals that wee not a diamond ring, and who knows maybe it will be inspire the creation of a diamond ring in its style.