Diamond Grillz: A New Way to Wear Diamonds?

13/04/2018 0 Comment(s)

Diamond Grillz: A New Way to Wear Diamonds?

Where Should you Wear a Diamond?

Now I realise there is an obvious answer, a particular finger on your left hand, but it seems some people, mainly celebrities are struggling with this concept. It would seem the latest celebrity fashion is to wear diamonds everywhere and trust me, we mean everywhere. The most recent trend is diamond grillz.


Smile for the Camera

Diamond’s singer Rihanna has been uploading pictures of herself sporting some interesting accessories ………. on her teeth. From a golden grill in the shape of a AK-47 gun, to a diamond encrusted grill Rihanna is constantly instagraming her interesting new dentistry fashions.

Singer Madonna can also be seen jumping on the diamond grillz bandwagon at Menton Music Festival. However this has sparked much debate in the media and on social networking sites as to whether she has gone a step to far. Madonna’s odd new accessory is set with 24 diamonds, but perhaps the strangest part of the design is the open-tooth design that shows her real teeth underneath. This has lead to questions about whether there is an appropriate age or even time to wear a mouth grill, with some people going as far as saying she looks scarier than Bond Villian ‘Jaws’.


Katy Perry was also seen rocking a diamond encrusted grillz at the MTV VMA’s which is supposedly worth $1000, (approximately £650). The diamonds spelt out ‘ROAR’ which is the title of the singers new single.

Queen of pop Beyoncé also seems to think that diamond teeth are the way forward and is seen wearing them for her new track, Bow Down. Call me traditional but when you hear the word diamond a few words spring to mind. Engagement, elegance and love. There is a reason people propose with diamond rings rather than diamond grillz. There is elegant about diamond grillz!


Diamond Rings not Diamond Grillz

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