Diamond Decorations: The Bling Factor

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Diamond Decorations: The Bling Factor


Rolls Royce Diamond Car

The world is no stranger to all sorts of everyday object having that extra sparkle with diamond decorations. This week paraded in front of our very eyes was the new Rolls Royce Celestial Phantom. Launched at the Dubai motor show Rolls Royce has seemingly departed from their usual understated elegance and gone all out with the “bling”.

The new phantom is diamond encrusted. Inside. The designers have liberally sprinkled 446 diamonds in the cabin of the car. Some in the privacy divide, some in the door capping and some in the centre console. Added to the ceiling showing a night sky one can understand the models name, Celestial.

Cars and diamonds are not strangers. At the same motor show this week in Dubai the first Arab super car, by Lebanon W motors, costing $3. 5m has diamond encrusted headlights and in 2008 Saudi Prince Alwaleed customised his Mercedes with encrusted diamond decorations. The pimp job cost $48m and he charged $1000 just to touch it.

Diamond decorations Iphone
$1. 5m
?93, 000
Jeweller Stuart Hughes has routinely produced iPhones with gold and diamond decorations on cases. For the iPhone 5 though, he has created a case with 26 carats of black diamonds, along with a solid gold body cast with a further 600 white diamonds. And the Apple logo… well its made up of 53 diamonds.
The Skull
Diamond decorations skull
A famous item to be decorated with diamonds was artist Damien Hurst’s creation, a diamond encrusted skull. Estimated to value at $100m it is an actual skull of a 150 year old man with a huge number of different cut diamonds decorating it.
$75, 000
?47, 000
Bathroom and interior design guru Jemal Wright created a diamond encrusted toilet. Well in actual fact they were Swarovski crystals mimicking diamonds, (so no real diamonds) but still impressively blingy. Imagine the price of this if it was made from real diamonds!
diamond decorations lingerie
Up to $15m
£9. 4m
Now a popular tradition the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy bras, are made from diamonds and other precious stones, with the priciest set valued at $15m. Each year by one lucky Angel is selected to model the lingerie set in the annual catwalk.
The Dummy
diamond decorations dummy
$17, 000
?11, 000
Shiloh Jolie-Pitt‘s first dummy included diamond decorations with a silver and platinum setting. A pricey item but one that her hollywood star parents could definitely afford, even if the rest of us will probaly be sticking to dummies made from …. . plastic!


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