What is the DG Signature Engagement Ring?

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What is the DG Signature Engagement Ring?

The DiamondGeezer Signature Engagement ring allows you to move away from the off the peg, the middle of the road, the boring. Your ring is such a significant emblem of your relationship you deserve something that is original, different, exciting, individual. Something that took 40 years to get right.

The Signature engagement ring is available for different cuts of diamond from the tradition Round Brilliant-Cut to a stunning Cushion-Cut. Some jewellers can incorporate a special emblem, such as a particular flower or even thumb print. Others can prepare a one off blend of metals, including platinum, palladium, silver or one of the many lovely golds, such as yellow, pink or rose.

Companies providing expertise in the area of signature engagement rings include Cotswold based www.diamondgeezer.com. A renowned online retailer the company can provide a range of signature engagement rings, and a full design and fitting service. Offering a wide range of settings and diamond cuts, allowing you to match, size, quality, budget from over 200, 000 certificated diamonds available.

www.diamondgeezer.com also offers a unique 30 day money back guarantee, even on bespoke design pieces, giving you piece of mind and confidence in your purchase. This guarantee also covers exchange, tweaking and a full refund. The online shop is also accredited by the global jewellery industry and all payments are secure.

To make the purchase and choice of your signature engagement ring as stress free as possible the team of designers at www.diamondgeezer.com also ensures you are involved in the whole design and 7-10 day manufacturing process ensuring that when it comes to fitting you are happy with the creation. After all it is your engagement ring and it is a one off, piece of beauty reflecting your love and relationship.