Dentistry: Diamonds May Be The Future?

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Dentistry: Diamonds May Be The Future?

The Many Uses for a Diamond

We all appreciate the beauty and elegance of a diamond ring or pendant. For thousands of years diamonds have been associated with gifts, luxury and sparkling, exquisite splendor. Over the last few years, though, they have shown their true ability to impact on other areas of our life, and today’s research suggests that might just be dentistry.

Diamonds have been used in engineering, pollution monitoring, aerospace and the treatment of skin and eye complaints since science included them in laser manufacture.


My Dentistry Care will Involve Diamonds?

A recent study, by the University of California and the Japanese Institute of NanoCarbon Research highlighted the ability for nano diamonds to deliver protein. This is seen as a great way for dentists to repair bone problems in the teeth, especially Osteonecrosis, a degenerative and life threatening disease of the jaw. The future of dentistry health could be taking a step forward with these discoveries.

It is unlikely that nano diamonds will be part of everyday dentistry and oral hygiene for the foreseeable future though the process of using diamonds is also helping dental implant health too and some forms of gum deterioration and disease.


What is a Nano Diamond?

It is a real diamond. Mined and processed. Even cut in some circumstances. However it is invisible to the human eye and is around 4-5 nanometres in diameter. A nanometre is one billionth of a meter. As the science progresses experts expect that nano diamonds will be man-made in labs, therefore reducing the cost of application, and leaving natural diamonds to sparkle on your finger instead. Shop for beautiful rings at (formerly

Dentists are particularly happy that the diamonds are so small they can be applied by injection or even just a rinse. At the moment implant and jaw problems are often treated with expensive and difficult surgery with a sponge being applied to the area supporting the bone. Therefore this is groundbreaking research for the dentistry industry.


So are Diamond Grillz in Fashion a Good for you?

This is different. The propensity for hip hop singers and the like to use a brace like mechanism in their teeth for cosmetic reasons is not going to improve their implant or jaw health. Those diamonds are for pure show and bling, I’m afraid, and on the contrary could cause health and dentistry problems.


Will Nano Diamonds Benefit the Rest of my Body?

The basic concept is simple enough. The bone needs protein and the nano diamond can deliver the protein to the bone better than anything else. It binds the protein to the bone better than a surgically applied sponge and can be applied easily.


Therefore the possibilities are endless. Nano diamonds may be able to deliver other nutrients, in addition to protein and this may allow their use in cancer and cell damage treatment. It may not just be bone health that can benefit, though Osteoporosis and fractures may be treated with the new science. Many orthopaedic problems, along with blood health and many forms of micro surgery will also be improved. It is already known that nano diamond technology can reduce the harmful effect of chemotherapy.

So it is entirely possible that nano diamonds will be pivotal to our general health over the coming decades, whether it be at the dentist, GP or specialist consultant.

Diamonds could realistically become the future of health treatment, not just dentistry.