Choosing the Right Wedding Ring

31/05/2017 0 Comment(s)

Choosing the Right Wedding Ring

A wedding ring will be a beautiful symbol of the happiest day of a couples life & the life they will share together no matter what the ring, but it can’t just be any old metal band thrown onto the finger.

Think about it this way, the wedding budget is running low, and you’ve left the rings until the last minute. You run into your local jeweller and get the cheapest, easiest ring you can find. Two years later, you wake up to find that the very symbol of your “ever-lasting” love has snapped. Not the ideal scenario really, is it?

So, let’s rewind to when you had a healthy wedding budget and months of planning ahead of you. You can see beautiful flowers, cute little bridesmaids, an amazing wedding dress and, yes, wedding ring, aren’t you? With a choice of 9 or 18 carat white, yellow or rose gold, palladium & platinum, it can get quite difficult to know the difference.

Choosing gold for your wedding ring.