Cheap Honeymoon Ideas

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Cheap Honeymoon Ideas

Everyone wants a cheap honeymoon because weddings are known to be expensive with the average price of a wedding being £15, 000. In reality not many couples have a spare £15, 000 floating about, it takes months even years of saving to be able to afford the big day. After spending next to a year’s earnings on your wedding day you then have to think about the honeymoon, yet another huge expense. Getting married and having a honeymoon to remember seem like a brilliant idea until you have to re-mortgage your house to afford it. We can’t all be as fortunate as Liza Minelli & David Guest who spent $3. 5 million on their wedding. With all of the above in mind, here are a few ideas to make sure you have a honeymoon as amazing as your wedding but without the huge cost:

If you want to go abroad for your honeymoon & have a week or two of luxury then why not find a cheap all-inclusive holiday package, meaning no expense on the unlimited food & drink & extra money to ensure you have an amazing time. There are plenty of cheap, luxurious holidays out there which could be made even more luxurious when you mention it’s your honeymoon, you’d be amazed how many extras get thrown in when the magic word ‘honeymoon’ is mentioned.

Plan your honeymoon around the “off season”. Instead of going away at the busiest time of year when flights & hotel prices are sky high, choose a quiet season when there aren’t so many people going abroad & every holiday-maker has put their prices down. Exactly the same holiday exactly the same luxuries but at a fraction of the price.

Staying in your home country is always an option. Countries are big places full of new & exciting opportunities. You could stay somewhere 500 miles away from your home & think you were already in a different country. Spending your honeymoon locally is easier, cheaper & means less organising! What more could you want after having to plan the biggest day of your life?

Go camping. Camping doesn’t sound like the most romantic honeymoon in the world, but when you think about the fact it’s just you and your new husband or wife alone in a quaint, rural location enjoying nothing but each other’s company then it doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. You could camp in any country you like, it costs next to nothing & gives you endless possibilities of places to visit, just pack up the tent, put it in the car and away you go!

No matter where you decide to go or what you decide to do on your honeymoon, just make sure it’s a holiday to remember. A honeymoon is the most romantic & exciting holiday for a couple, it’s a new beginning of a new life you’ll share together. Make it memorable!

Gabriella Chilton works for (formerly, designers & manufacturers of diamond jewellery & wedding rings.