Champagne Diamonds - Desirable to Buy or Not?

29/08/2017 0 Comment(s)

Believe it or not, brown or champagne diamonds are the most common colour of natural diamonds found anywhere, there are many names for this colour of stone; champagne, chocolate, cognac, honey …. the list goes on, brown diamonds also have many different colour variations, from faint light brown all the way to a deep, dark, chocolatey brown. Also there are endless combinations of colours that are possible for example you can have a ‘fancy dark orangy brown coloured diamond.


Diamonds with a brown colour or hue have been quite undesirable for many years, it is only recently that we are seeing an increase in the popularity of brown stones, much owed to notable celebrities donning them including Helen Mirren, Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz, couple that with the carefully thought out names for them like ‘Champagne’ or ‘Chocolate Diamonds’ you can see how they are becoming very popular.

There are many world famous brown diamonds including the Golden Jubilee Diamond which is the largest cut diamond on earth at 545 carats and yellow brown in colour, the Earth Star Diamond which has a deeper darker brown colour, and not forgetting the cushion cut Star of the South diamond weighing in at just over 128ct which was famously found by an African slave woman in Brazil who was given her freedom for finding it! (formerly specialise in white diamonds, however we have access to a huge network of coloured diamonds and deal with them every day, if you are looking for a brown or coloured diamond then look no further than (formerly