CAD/CAM design in jewellery manufacture?

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CAD/CAM design in jewellery manufacture?


What is CAD/CAM design?

For many years CAD/CAM design technology has revolutionised many industries, automating manufacturing, making design consistent, reducing human involvement and error and, above all reducing costs. CAD/CAM stands for Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture. Put simply CAD has replaced the pencil and sketchbook for designers. CAM is the rest of the process, from design to machining and production.


Does this technology work in the ultra-traditional world of jewellery making?

CAD/CAM design is used extensively in car making, computer hardware manufacture, mobile phone production. Actually, it’s used everywhere. Who would hand make a car, or a new IPad? However as software has become more sophisticated CAD/CAM design delivers even in craft industries, such as ring and jewellery manufacture. CAD/CAM design, basically, has 4 types of modelling for jewellery production. These are polygonic, surface, solid parameters and hybrid. Different models are used for different jobs. You would use a hybrid model for an intricate or elaborate design and a solid parameter model for a recurring motive.


What do Jewellers think about CAD/CAM design?

In such a traditional industry many jewellers, goldsmiths and designers see the new technology as a step too far. The ultimate concern being that rings will just be available in a couple of designs on a large scale production line. The skill base in the U. K jewellery industry, will become obsolete with a bunch of techie nerds designing jewellery based on production costs and budgets. How very wrong! How very Luddite!CAD can only ever be the jewellery designers’ right-hand, form must follow function and an intimate knowledge of jewellery and jewellery manufacture is a given. CAD accentuates, liberates and exercises the designer’s skills. (formerly were a forerunner with the technology, while others are only just grasping the opportunity the new technology provides. With 3D computer aided design it is possible to design in 3 dimensions, allowing the buyer to view the ring before manufacture. This actually makes the bespoke process even more special for the buyer.


Also, the design stage for the process becomes more accurate, therefore reducing the chances of unhappy buyers and constant reworkings of the settings. For more details on bespoke or 3D CAD/CAM designs for your jewellery speak to the experts at (formerly who can help you with a range for rings, pendants and beautiful jewellery to suit every occasion.


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