Bridesmaids Gifts: A buyer's guide

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Bridesmaids Gifts: A buyers guide

Bridesmaids Gifts: 3 Things to Consider When Buying Bridesmaid’s Presents?

Bridesmaids don’t just give you moral support. They are part of the planning and the preparation, often helping in many ways for little credit. More and more people take the opportunity to thank the bridesmaids by giving a small present.

Here are 3 things to consider when buying Bridesmaids Gifts

1: Budget

It sounds obvious but are you including the cost of the gifts in the wedding budget? Will you be thanking all the bridesmaids including the little ones and the maid of honour? How about the Ushers and the Best Man? Identify how much you have to spend and then plan well in advance.

2: Traditional or non-traditional?

Traditionally bridesmaids would get a small gesture of thanks, such as jewellery, a nice pair of earrings or a bracelet for instance. Of course the costs can vary.companies like (formerly offer a bespoke range of beautiful bracelets and necklaces here.

heart pendant bracelet

Many weddings have a theme. It maybe colour or a particular flower. Bridesmaids could be given something that matches the theme. Say a rose charm or locket with a flower engraved on it. Perhaps a watch with an engraving of the date. Non-traditional options could be a mug with a picture and date. A small ‘wedding survival’ kit is becoming common. Lipstick, mouthwash, eau de toilette for instance

You must consider do all bridesmaids want the same gifts?

3: Does the gift set the tone?

What tone are you trying to set? We all have to manage the budget but is your wedding an event that suits a china mug or £5, 000 bracelet?

There are some great sites that have a wide range of bridesmaid’s presents to suit all budgets. For the very best in jewellery including watches, bracelets and lovely necklaces take a look at wedding specialists such as (formerly